We have implemented an easy-to-use method to guarantee your certified translations. In four easy steps, you can get your certified / sworn translation delivered to your door, highest-quality guaranteed!

We Sworn / Certified translators do not need to see the original document we have to translate, and a photocopy or scanned copy of your documents is more than enough to prepare a quotation or start the project. In order to receive a free quotation, we kindly ask you to submit (with an acceptable quality) the documents which need to be sworn or certified to info@traduccion-jurada-oficial.com. Please indicate whether you need a sworn or certified translation from or to English, sworn or certified translation from or to Frensh, or which language pair you require, as well as your contact information (telephone, address, deadline, etc.)

The sworn / certified translator shall create the quote without intermediaries, without charging fees and always considering the most important part of the process: the client. Once you receive the quotation, please remember that you can submit any query, doubt or comment. If you wish to accept it, please follow the easy instructions contained therein. Depending on the payment options, you may choose between bank transfer, PayPal or Moneybookers. Please remember to send the payment receipt so we can begin the project ASAP. For other payment options, please contact us directly. We will be pleased to find the most convenient option for both parties.

Once your quotation is accepted, the project is open and the translation process begins. As all translations are different, the sworn / certified translator might get in touch with you in case there is any doubt or if accuracy and truthfulness are at stake. Upon completing the project, the sworn / certified translation is ready to be delivered.


Your sworn / certified translation can be sent to your office or home. We always deliver our sworn translations by urgent couriers so that they are received within 1 or 2 days after they are finished, or 2 to 5 days for international deliveries. Of course, it is always possible to deliver them in less time, but that should be commented when asking for the quotation, as we work with the best couriers available (Fedex, MRW, Seur, Spanish Royal Mail)