Sworn Translation

We translate and swear all kinds of documents, providing the highest quality for sworn translations. Each translation bears the seal of a sworn translator, as well as his/her signature, and is valid before the competent authorities.

We work nationwide in Spain, with branches in Madrid, Valencia, and Galicia, as well as regularly collaborating with clients in the UK, the US, France, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Cameroon, and other countries.

The sworn / certified translator appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the only officer duly authorised to perform sworn translations, independently from his/her place of residency, as they are authorised to work both in Spain and overseas.

Sworn Interpreting

Interpreting in police stations, court, notaries or any other situation which demands the presence of an official translator before the Law..

Although we offer this service both for Spain and any other country, due to the physical nature of this act, it is necessary to book the sworn interpreter in advance.

Please remember that you should ALWAYS ask the interpreter for his or her Interpreter ID to check that he or she is duly appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as there are companies working with non-professional interpreters.

Translation, Interpreting, Localization

Apart from sworn translation and interpreting services, our translation team has a vast experience in general and especialised (economy, finance, legal, technical) translation, as well as localization (translation and culturla adaptation for software, websites, etc.)